About Me

Hi! My name is Natchaphon (Natch) Ruengsakulrach. I am currently a Master of Engineering in Computer Science student at Cornell University. I enjoy many areas in computer science, especially computer network and security. Outside the realm of computer science, I am interested in business, management, and investment. I am a die-hard Liverpool fan and love writing food reviews on Yelp.

Professional Experience

Software Developer Intern
Jun - Aug 2015
Bangkok, Thailand
  • Collaborated through Git with two software developers to build an e-commerce Java web application using Spring framework with Hibernate and Struts
  • Created new product pages and features including product's add, search, edit, and barcode generator
  • Implemented adding multiple products by Excel file upload to improve user experience
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jan - Dec 2014
Atlanta, Georgia
  • Assisted PhD candidate with developing Cryptographically Curated File System (CCFS) under Professor John Copeland's supervision
  • Developed a file system server to provide storage and retrieval service of CCFS contents using Python
  • Integrated a Kademlia Distributed Hash Table and used Python Twisted framework to store/retrieve CCFS contents
  • Enhanced CCFS security features by using Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)
Undergraduate Research Assistant
May 2013 - Aug 2014
Bangkok, Thailand
  • Developed a POX controller that uses Dijkstra's algorithm to calculate shortest routes for IPTV multicast packets
  • Coauthored "Transmission Time Analysis of IPTV Multicast Service in SDN/OpenFlow Environment" (Paper accepted by ECTI and IEEE)
IT Network Management Intern
Jul - Aug 2013
Bangkok, Thailand
  • Installed and monitored new PCI network devices in SCB branches under “PCI Branch/ Router” project
  • Presented SDN's possible role in future banking industry to IT Network Operations Department
  • Collaborated with six network engineers to clear and update configurations on used Cisco switches and routers for university donation


Jan - May 2016
Ithaca, New York
  • Designed and developed a fault-tolerant, scalable backend system with the use of a load balancer, an HTTP caching proxy, and a distributed hash table
  • Implemented a backend service which periodically records a snapshot of the system's current state and, in an event of a system-wide crash, restores the system using the most recent snapshot file from a persistent storage.
Client: Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University
Aug - Dec 2015
Ithaca, New York
  • Design and develop back-end MySQL database system, RESTful API, and a web application using Flask web development framework
  • Implement key features including email notification system and an interface with Mann Library's room reservation system
  • Lead usability testing for each software development iterative cycle
Sep - Dec 2014
Atlanta, Georgia
  • Designed a Java vehicle class and established communication to a simulator using socket programming
  • Implemented a directional broadcast algorithm to reduce emergency message broadcast redundancy and latency
Oct - Dec 2014
Atlanta, Georgia
  • Developed a Software Defined Networking (SDN) based solution to provide a dynamic resource allocation for multi-tenant network
  • Implemented VLAN switching using Python and Ryu SDN Framework to provide tenant isolation
  • Explored OpenFlow version 1.3 features such as metering and VLAN tag pushing/popping


The Transmission Time Analysis of IPTV Multicast Service in SDN/OpenFlow Environments (IEEE 2015)

Pornnipa Rattanawadee, Natchaphon Ruengsakulrach, and Chaiyachet Saivichit


Spring 2016 Grader Big Data Management and Analysis Cornell University
Fall 2014 TA Calculus I (2 Sections) Georgia Tech
Fall 2013 TA Calculus I Georgia Tech

Honors & Awards

May 2015 Graduation with Highest Honor
April 2015 "Outstanding Student Evaluations" TA Award
December 2014 Faculty Honors Award
August 2014 Software Defined Networking Certificate with Distinction
May 2014 Faculty Honors Award
April 2013 Eta Kappa Nu Membership